Management Team

Krishna Gopinathan, Co-founder and CEO

Former founder & CEO of Global Analytics (aka GAIN Credit) and Managing Director of Lending Stream, a leading fintech company which focuses on serving underbanked consumers in the UK. GAIN Credit, with its subsidiary Lending Stream, is one of the largest consumer installment lenders in the U.K. Krishna was also responsible for revamping the underwriting of Kabbage for small business lending, integrating AI and helping raise Kabbage’s valuation to unicorn status. Prior to that, Krishna invented FICO’s Falcon fraud detection system and led a team of 100+ people to create what became the industry standard in credit card fraud detection. Krishna has 25+ years of experience in AI and data science and has authored multiple patents. His 1998 patent on “Risk Determination and Management Using Predictive Modeling and Transaction Profiles for Individual Transacting Entities” has been cited by over 680 other patents. Krishna earned a M.Math. in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo in 1988.

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Jimmy Cannon, President

Over 25 years relevant experience. Jimmy was most recently Executive Vice President, Credit Card Partnerships at Capital One. He has also served as Auto Partnerships Executive at JP Morgan Chase, Executive Vice President at Bank of Scotland, a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, and as a Board Member at Drive Financial Services when sold to Santander Consumer USA. Jimmy graduated from Dartmouth College (BA Mathematics) and Northwestern University (MBA).

Broud Kuhn, Chief Marketing Officer

Over 25 years relevant experience. SVP Digital and Direct Marketing at SunTrust Bank. VP Marketing Strategy at Washington Mutual Card Services. Previously at Capital One Financial.

Glen Freter, Chief Financial Officer

Over 25 years relevant experience. VP, Chief Accounting Officer of Encore Capital. Consultant, BioMed Realty Trust. Sr. VP and CFO of ICH Corporation/Sybra, Inc.

Craig Nies, Chief Technology Officer

Over 25 years relevant experience. Chief Analytics Officer at Think Finance. VP of Software Development at Opera Solutions. Chief Architect at Global Analytics.

Sriram Rangarajan, Chief Credit Officer

Over 15 years relevant experience. Former Head R&D, Global Analytics.

Shibani Patnaik, Chief Operations Officer

Over 15 years relevant experience. Former General Manager, Lending Stream. Analytics Project Manager at Global Analytics, Software Engineer at ID Analytics.

Simona Clark, Chief Legal Officer

Over 15 years relevant experience. Former Director, Compliance Legal Collections & Sr Corporate Counsel at Encore Capital Group.

Lakshmi Rajamani, Senior Vice President, India Operations

Over 15 years relevant experience. Former Head of India Operations at Global Analytics.

Melissa Ontiveros, Vice President of Finance and Accounting

Over 25 years relevant experience. Former Sr. Director of Finance at Websense.

Kevin Bowens, Vice President, Legal & Compliance and Associate General Counsel

Over 25 years relevant experience. Former Division General Counsel & Sr. Corporate Counsel at Encore Capital Group.

Gopalan Raman, Senior Director of Human Resources

Over 15 years of relevant experience. Former Head of Human Resources at Global Analytics.

Advisory Board

Regulatory & Compliance

Raj Date
Former deputy director of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Managing Partner of Fenway Summer LLC. Managing Director & Chairman of the Investment Committee of Fenway Summer Ventures. Director of Prosper, Circle, College Avenue and Kensington Vanguard.

Data Science & Analytics

Larry Rosenberger
Former CEO of FICO. Analytic Research Fellow at Fair Isaac Corp. (FICO). Vice President of Research & EDM Applications at FICO. Chairman of The Board of Global Analytics, Inc. Member of Board of Advisors of Scorelogix LLC.

Alan Wade
Former CIO, Director of Communications and Director of Security of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). President of Wade Associates, Inc. Member of Board of Directors at IdenTrust, Inc., Detica DFI, Composite Software, Applied Communications Sciences, and VeriFIDES Technology Corp

Large-Scale Consumer Finance

John Orr
Executive Vice-President of CIBC. Wholesale Bank CIBC Global Management Committee. Member of Asset and Liability, Risk Management and Lending Committees of CIBC. CEO of First Caribbean International Bank. Chairman and CEO of Amicus Bank.

Richard Vague
Co-founder and CEO of First USA. Co-founder and CEO of Juniper Financial. Managing Partner of Gabriel Investments. Chairman of The Governors Woods Foundation. Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Energy Plus.

Marketing & Branding

Jason Finger
Co-founder and CEO of Seamless. Managing Member of Oxygen Capital Partners, LLC.

John Suh
CEO of CEO of StudioDirect. Co-founder and CEO of Castling Group.


In addition to Krishna Gopinathan, ADF was co-founded by Eric Schwartz and Daniel Zwirn:

Eric Schwartz, Chairman

CEO of 76 West Holdings, a private investment firm with a focus on the financial services industry. He is currently and has previously served on the boards of numerous financial services innovators, including Prosper financial. Earlier in his career, Eric served on the Management Committee of Goldman Sachs, where he was co-CEO of the Global Equities and Investment Management Divisions. He graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a B.S.E., summa cum laude, and M.B.A. in 1984 and 1985, respectively.

Daniel Zwirn, Co-founder and Board Member

Founder and CEO of Arena Investors, Co-founder and board member of North Mill Capital and North Mill Equipment Finance, and Managing Member of Zwirn & Co. Former Founder, Managing Partner and CIO of D. B. Zwirn & Co., which along with its affiliates had over 1,000 employees worldwide, $6 billion of equity capital and $12 billion of assets. He founded approximately 75 specialty finance-oriented exclusive joint ventures and businesses throughout North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific and Latin America. He serves on the boards of The Brookings Institution, Barnard College of Columbia University, and the Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology at the University of Pennsylvania. He received an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School in 1998 as well as a B.S. in Economics and a B.A.S. in Computer Science, both cum laude, from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and Moore School of Electrical Engineering, respectively, in 1993.

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