A responsible and effective approach to unsecured consumer finance

  • Sophisticated Credit Modeling
  • Optimal Loan Origination
  • Scalable Technology

Applied Data Finance offers a responsible and effective approach to unsecured consumer finance

  • ADF is a rapidly growing participant in a large and expanding market for loans to less-than-prime borrowers, for whom we provide a superior product.
  • ADF, through its Personify platform, has helped originate more than $1 billion in loans to consumers across the credit spectrum.
  • ADF uses a proprietary methodology and advanced data science to make a more accurate assessment of a borrower's true creditworthiness.
  • ADF's inaugural brand, Personify Financial, is a lending platform that facilitates extensions of credit quickly, at risk-appropriate rates, in a manner that is transparent and easy to understand.

Introducing: Our consumer-facing brand

Personify Financial

The Opportunity
Meet Alice. She needs a personal loan.

Unfortunately for Alice, her credit is less than prime. One blot on her credit history is all it takes for most lenders to see Alice as too risky - even though her income and credit history are otherwise stable.

How other lenders see Alice

The problem isn't that Alice is too risky. It's that most lenders don't have the means to see her real credit situation. Using little data to make their lending decision, they simply say "No." No wonder nearly 60% of customers with credit scores below 680 feel rejected and discouraged1.

How banks see Alice

How we see Alice

Our lending platform captures a more accurate picture of Alice. We use data from more sources. We analyze it using the most advanced data science. We can match Alice with a loan at a risk appropriate rate.

The need for credit for Alice and millions like her is ever present. Nearly two in five people surveyed by the Federal Reserve reported that they would not have funds to cover a one-time, emergency2.

Research shows that income and consumption seldom rise and fall conveniently together3. An unexpected expense can easily coincide with a drop in income. That can lead to a severe financial shortfall.

How we see Alice

Our Advantage
We invented a better way to measure credit risk.

Our Borrowers
Serving the Underestimated Underbanked.

Serving the Underestimated Underbanked.
Personify Financial

Our Brand
Personify Financial

Personify's Core Operating Principle: C.A.R.E.

  • Clear

    We will strive to ensure our customers understand every aspect of our products.

  • Affordable

    We will match borrowers only with loans they can afford to repay.

  • Responsible

    The loans are designed to be repaid and not trap consumers in debt.

  • Empowering

    We will provide our customers information and tools to build a better financial future.